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Full Face Eagle T-Shirt


The Full Face Eagle T-Shirt is worn by the boldest of the bold and the coolest of the cool. Similar to a wild Fetty Wap, these animals also say “squawww!” (If you don’t know what that is, just ignore it, the reference is very targeted.) Bald eagles are the most glorious birds around. They can represent patriotism (they are our national bird by the way). Lastly, I’m pretty sure bald eagles have secret super powers.

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The Full Face Eagle T-Shirt is made so that the print will blend in completely with the t-shirt. We use a special process of pulling out the dye and leaving behind the print to accomplish this. Your t-shirt will make a bold statement as you strut around town showing off something nobody has ever seen before.


“Hey, where did you get that awesome shirt?”


“Wow I have never seen a shirt that cool before!”

or even…

“I will trade you my car for your t-shirt right now.”

Check MarkPre-washed, pre-shrunk, and ready for you to wear

Check MarkMedium Weight 100% Cotton

Check MarkRelaxed fit

Check MarkReinforced double stitching on every seam

Check MarkOrganic, Eco-friendly dyes

Check MarkNon-toxic water based ink


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